New Single,
“8 Years Old”

Released November 28, 2022

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New Single,
“Requiem For My Father”

Released October 28, 2022

“This song is a reflection on the passing of my Father. The melody came to me in complete form, and I sang and recorded it knowing immediately that I wanted my friend Simon Austin to play the lead on Trumpet.

Many people are experiencing loss, and this song is meant to console, and to honor, the process of grief.  All of us need a place and time to be in the quiet and feel the longing and the sadness that accompanies losing a person dear to you. I hope this song brings people comfort.”

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I am a composer, violinist and teacher living in Lone Pine, California with my husband and son. I am currently an active member of the music community in Ridgecrest, serving as a member of the High Desert Music Teachers Association, and Concert Master of the Desert Community Orchestra. 

My teaching life has spanned 25 years, and I delight in unlocking the magic of the instrument to students young and old. 

I am currently working on my fifth album of instrumental music.  

I also love making music with other instrumentalists and ensembles.  I do studio work for recording artists as well. 

I feel very lucky to have a life blessed with music.  Thank you Mom and Dad, for putting me in music lessons! You made my life what it is today!