Composer – Musician – Producer

Anna began her musical life at a young age immersed in the study of Classical music in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s.   Her love of music was cultivated as a member the Seattle Youth Symphony under conductor Vilem Sokol, Olympic Youth Symphony conducted by Frances Walton, Marrowstone Music camp and the Olympic Music Camp. She studied under concert violinist Mara Sebrionsky Dvonch, and violist Paul Coletti. 

In 1991, Anna combined a B.A. degree in American History with her love for music and created the “Talking Fiddle,” a music therapy program designed to entertain and revitalize the memories of senior citizens and Alzheimer’s patients with popular music from the early 1900s.  While, performing for audiences up and down the Pacific Northwest, Anna was introduced to the world of “trad” music and delved into Celtic repertoire, playing with bands the likes of The Clumsy Lovers and the Paperboys, and began writing her own music.

Anna’s debut CD, The Raven Project was released in 1998, and explored the range and versatility of her newly commissioned electric five-string viola named “Wicked Grace.” This amazing instrument, with an ebony Raven’s head carved in place of the traditional scroll, became the icon for her record label, Raven Fiddle Productions. 

Her second album, Songspell, was a Celtic-blues fusion CD in collaboration with Canadian multi-instrumentalist David MacVittie. Anna released her third album “The Journey” in September 2001. A blending of classical, Celtic and world influence, “The Journey” reflects Anna’s roots in Classical music with a more symphonic feel.

Her most recent album, Dream Within a Dream draws from a broader spectrum of global flavors, incorporating drum loops, hip hop rhythms, samples, and nature recordings.

Besides performing her original works, Schaad Montgomery has appeared in New York, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with the six time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, as well as recording and performing with bands such as Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Paperboys, and folk legend Bryan Bowers.